Perspective on Security

Brickstone’s security services is based upon three different layers of security, for optimal defense

מעגל אנושי

The Human Security Element

The human level refers to the professional security staff, trained at the highest civilian level and which underwent special training by the Brickstone company. Every employee of the company, including the security staff, undergo routine reliability testing by polygraph researchers in order to ensure the security and discreteness of Brickstone clients. The Brickstone complex is guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by a large number of security agents, to preserve ongoing, uninterrupted human security.

מעגל פיזי

Physical Security Element

The physical level of security is the vault that stands up to the most extreme requirements of the German and Israeli Standards Institutes. The vault itself is constructed from materials that cannot be found in Israel today, in any kind of vault. The safe area is built in a manner that enables monitoring from all six sides, it is the only vault in Israel to achieve this feat.

מעגל טכנולוגי

Technological Security Element

The technological level is based upon a wide range of identification and monitoring tools, sensors, cameras, and smart identification protocols. A great number of sophisticated alarm systems are connected to this level, which will alert for any kind of scenario.

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