General Background

In the 21st century, the perception of the importance of preserving valuables under maximal protection and privacy is becoming increasingly widespread.

Today, more and more people are aware of the fact that their privacy is almost non-existent: every step, email, SMS, or financial transaction is documented and saved in data institutions and throughout the web. In addition, in light of the financial crises felt by the Eurozone and the United States, people began to worry that the next financial crisis would cause a “run on the banks” to withdraw savings to prevent them from being nationalized by governments in order to save the banks [see the cases of Greece, Iceland, and Cyprus, for example].
In Israel, before the establishment of Brickstone, vault services were only provided by banks. Following various regulatory directives and the development of the technological requirements needed for vaults in accordance with modern standards, the banks decided over the last few years to withdraw this service, and they began closing existing vaults, until this service was almost completely abandoned.
The banks failed to provide an equitable answer to the increasing security requirements over the years, in terms of both the level of steel protection required in the vaults and in terms of the electronic means of protection required in our time, in order to meet the technological development and variety of threats existing today.
In addition, the level of service and only partial opening hours provided by the banks to their bound customers was, and still is, insufficient to say the least.

Concurrently, the rise in quality of life increased the number of people requesting to guard their valuables, for both financial and emotional reasons.
The solution many chose—safeguarding their valuables in a home safe—is extremely dangerous. Firstly, the existence of a safe in a home represents a genuine target for thieves and burglars. In many cases of burglary, cooperation between criminal elements and various service providers have come to light, exposed by the existence of a safe at home and the earlier transfer of information regarding its existence. Such that a house that would not have been broken into to begin with, becomes a place of trouble due to the implementation of a home safe.

Secondly, a home safe often does not provide a challenge to burglars. In cases where thieves encounter a safe that is difficult to crack, they often remove it from its location and crack it in a safe place later.
In light of everything that has been said, the best solution for safeguarding valuables is in a private compound for guarded safe-deposit boxes.


The Brickstone Company is a subsidiary from the United Kingdom specializing in providing security services to valuable documents and products. The company was established with full accompaniment by British security consultants with many years of experience in the field of security, the operation and construction of safe-deposit vaults in Israel and around the world, insurance, and providing services to clients.
Every customer has a deposit box at their disposal which can only be opened by the customer, and only following biometric identification using fingerprint and facial recognition. The opening of the guarded safe-deposit box is carried out using a key possessed only by the client.
All Brickstone clients enjoy absolute discretion regarding their activity in the Brickstone compound.

In accordance with all laws, Brickstone will never provide information on its clients, their activities, and/or the contents of their safe, or even regarding ever being Brickstone clients.
Brickstone espouses three guiding principles: reliability, security, and discretion. On the basis of these principles, the company established its first vault compound in the center of Tel Aviv, in the Rubinstein Tower. This compound is one of the most advanced in the work, and the first in central Tel Aviv that includes a wide variety of technologies, to provide exceptional service to its community of customers.
In addition, the company provides a variety of premium services and insurance services to its clients, as will be detailed later.

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