Safes and security

How will you ensure that your employees do not break into the safety-deposit boxes from the inside?

Every Brickstone employee, without exception, undergoes the most extreme screening and examination, including (amongst other things) regular polygraph examination, in order to find and prevent reliability issues.

Won’t people rob me on my way into or out of my safe?

The Brickstone compound is located in the lobby level of the Rubinstein Tower, an area guarded in its own right in the center of Tel Aviv with many offices, such that there is no way of knowing that you are a client of Brickstone who is on their way to deposit valuables in our compound. For your personal comfort, every client can receive (upon additional payment) personal accompaniment from their parking space, reserved for Brickstone clients, or from the pedestrian entrance to the guarded compound and back.

Can I end the agreement, and what are the conditions if I choose to do so?

Brickstone allows its clients to sever their connection and return their personal box at any time. Without advanced notice and without any penalties.

Payment will be recalculated for the time that the client made use of the Brickstone services, and the remaining payment will be returned immediately to the client.

What is the law regarding late payments?

Every client is obligated to take responsibility for payments during the period in which he makes use of Brickstone services. Thus, every client must leave information for at least two forms of communication, in order to notify them regarding lack of required payment.Non-renewal of payment will incur immediate billing in accordance with double daily tariff.


What are the additional services offered by the company?

Brickstone safeguards its clients’s valuables from everything, and offers a wide range of possibilities for renting guarded safety-deposit boxes, in a variety of sizes and for varying lengths of time, in accordance with the client’s needs. Brickstone, as opposed to other companies, does not limit the number of visits a client may make to their safety-deposit box.

What is included in the premium service that you offer?

A. Guard service to/from your vehicle
Dedicated parking awaits the client (an hour of parking is included in the service), and an armed guard will wait for the customer and accompany them from the vehicle to the Brickstone
compound. After visiting the compound, the customer is accompanied by the guard while they returns to the vehicle.The cost of the service is ₪149. This service is provided upon advanced telephone notice of at least three hours.

B. Guarded Office Services
A client interested in presenting or selling the contents of their safe to another customer, or who requests to carry out work meetings in privacy and at the highest level of security, can rent a guarded and video-surveilled (upon request only) meeting room in the vault compound. The meeting room includes basic administrative services, such as internet, a phone line, fax, and light refreshments.The cost of the service is ₪199 per hour (the payment will be made based on half-hour increments).

C. 24/7 Videotaped Safe
Clients can select a box which is constantly videotaped from the inside, 24 hours a day. The client will receive a personal code through which they can view the contents of their box from anywhere in the world.The cost of the service is ₪49 per month.

D. Next Generation / An Entire Lifetime
Rental of a size A box for the client’s lifetime, which will be opened only for the client’s heirs posthumously. The box will only be opened once for the client, during which they will place inside the valuables that they wish to bequeath to whomsoever they choose. Afterwards, the box is locked with a wax seal, holding the client’s signature.The box will be opened a second time only for the client’s heirs, as detailed to Brickstone, and upon presentation of a death certificate. For this plan, the price is significantly lower than the regular yearly rental, and stands at ₪500 per year. The payment will be made in advance for the entire period, a calculation of the years between the client’s current age and the age of 120.

Safe for Life
Rental of a safety-deposit box for the client’s entire life at a fixed rate of ₪49,000.

F. Door-to-Door Service
Coming soon! Secure courier services from the Brickstone compound to/from the client’s house in a guarded and stamped box (the drawer which is inside the guarded safety-deposit box). Payment will be calculated in accordance with the distance from the customer’s home to the Brickstone compound (Rubinstein Tower).
All of the prices noted on the website are before VAT.

Company’s Identity

Who is the Brickstone Company?

Brickstone is a company established by a pair of lawyers, Dvir Indig and Itai Gazit (Lt. Col-Reserves), with the full support of the British Balthorne company, which has operated for many years in the field of security of valuables and vaults in Britain and additional countries around the world.

Which companies does Brickstone work with?

Brickstone is works with the full support of Balthorne, of the United Kingdom, with global insurance company Lloyd’s, Law Offices of “Herzog, Fox, and Ne’eman,” and with Israeli security services, such as “Tzevet 3” and “G4S.”

Are Brickstone’s activities public?

As a private company, Brickstone is not required to report to the public, and the company abides by all regulatory requirements that are required of private companies in the State of Israel.

What are the company’s towards the tax authorities?

As noted in the previous question, as a private company Brickstone is not especially required to report to the tax authorities, other than its general revenue, as required from any normal legal company.

Will my information be passed along to any sort of agencies after renting a safe?

Absolutely not. Brickstone espouses a responsibility for full and absolute discretion for its clients. All of the client’s information, even their existence as a customer with Brickstone, will be preserved with absolute secrecy and will not be released from the walls of the guarded compound. As with any legal body in the country, Brickstone will not provide information regarding a client, with the exception of receipt of a specific judicial warrant for a client.

What is the difference between you and a bank?

The difference is large and significant, and relates to almost every parameter: longer opening hours, no limit to the number of visits, level of protection of the safe and the variety of security mechanisms of the entire guarded compound, and, in addition, Brickstone offers additional premium services, such as personal accompaniment of the client and meeting spaces in the guarded compound, all of which are at a level of service and discretion that, until now, only existed in the United Kingdom.
                                                           Banks                                                                                                Brickstone
Opening Hours                                   Morning until noon, only five days a week                                          8:30-22:00, six days a week
Level of Physical Protection                Outdated, do not meet current accepted standards                             Steel protection in accordance with international standards
Alarm Systems                                   Outdated, insufficient                                                                          Advanced digital protection system
Security                                              Poor, and sometimes completely lacking armed guards                       Personal guarding by armed guards with a combat background
Premium services                               Nonexistent                                                                                         Accompaniment to/from vehicle, guarded meeting space, and ability to view contents
​of safe 24/7 from a distance

5 reasons to choose Brickstone

Food is stored in the fridge, clothing is put in the closet. Where will you safeguard your cash, jewelry, watches, rare stamps, or important documents?
These items are for a safety-deposit box in a guarded vault.
Every Brickstone client has a personal guarded box, for which only the client has the key, and which can only be accessed via fingerprint and facial recognition.

Here are five benefits to storing your valuables at Brickstone:

1. Your items are protected against fire, flood, or other natural disasters in your home.
Natural disasters can destroy much more than the house itself. They destroy memories such as pictures, jewelry, birth certificates, and other important documents. Now you can preserve your most valuable possessions, copies of your important documents, and even digital photos.

2. Cost-effective, safe way to preserve private valuables
Only you know what you have in your personal box, at a cost determined according to the size of the safe and the period of rental. A low price for your peace of mind.

3. Prevention of Home Burglary
Your valuables cannot be stolen from your home if they are not there. Apart from the fact that most home safes do not represent a challenge to the average burglar, even if you invest in a safe costing tens of thousands of dollars, which is more protected than simpler safes, the current method of most burglars is simply to remove the safe from its location and continue the break-in in the comfort of a hidden location.
Moreover, the existence of a safe at home signals that your home is worth breaking into. It is enough that someone providing a service in your home, even a maid, will pass the information on regarding the existence of the safe to third parties, who will understand that your home is a good target for them to visit.

4. Your items are protected from loss or forgetfulness
All of your valuables are protected and in order in your personal, organized safety-deposit box. It is a comfortable and easy solution for people who have trouble keeping their house organized.

5. Members of your family will know where to find their important documents
If you keep a copy of an important document (like a will or insurance documents) in your personal box in Brickstone, members of your family will be able to retrieve them easily from one guarded, safe place.
Everything above leads to only one conclusion: Brickstone is the safest place for your valuables.

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